Wenzhou Trust Mould Factory: Established in 2001, our factory has been focusing on electrical and electronic products over a decade, our products are mainly to America, Europe, Asia and Middle East.
Application: Our products are widely used in the fields of small household products, communication equipment, energy generator, electric tools, table lamp, electric motor, electric motor car, electric toy, UPS, medical facilities, socket, etc
Engineering: We serve product design, mould development, plastic part injection, hardware part pressing and product automatic assembly
Quality: We will inspect supplied material, production process and final product, we completely make quality control for every pass with inspections including withstand voltage, insulating resistance, conductor, dimension, external appearance, etc. Meanwhile random sampling is taken for inspections such as products' exotherm, environmental protection and electrical life. All related raw materials are inspected according to ROHS detective.
Brand: We strive to maintain TRUST as our brand and to make professional electrical and electronic products.
Price: Manufacture for moulds and accessories helps us reduce the intermediate link and implement the small profits and quick turnover, thus confidential new technique will be the guarantee for high quantity and low price.
Delivery: Spare production line and on-line stock inquiry will be the most powerful assurance for customer's demands.
Patent:: We own several product and equipment patents of real worth, it is our pursue to have the leading technique.
Services: 24 hours on-line professional engineer and business reception will feel free to answer all your questions.
Certificate: The company has passed ISO9001: 2008, and many products have passed TUV、CE and have ROHS test reports, all the products meet the requirements of ROHS.
Environmental Protection: All products are sent to SGS testing organization for strict test and get test reports. We are also equipped with advanced detecting instruments for self-check at any time.